Proper vaccination practices for Dogs


Whenever a pet parent adopts or buys a pet, has millions of questionsin his mind due to breeders advice, neighbours experience, friends like etc…,

The following are some of the examples..,

  1. This is native breed, whether to vaccinate?
  2. when should i start vaccinate ??? from 40th day or 90th day?
  3. Annual vaccination is whether once in a year or once in 3 year?
  4. Any food restriction, should not bath…etc..,

Here at S.S.Pet Clinic, we would customise from puppy vaccination to annual wellness programme based on lots of factors and considerations,

  1. From where pup is bought?
    • Pet shop/Prolified kennels/Individual owner breeders/stray pup.
  2. Where pup is going to brought up?
    • Pet shop/Prolified kennels/Individual owner breeders/stray pup.
    • Indoor toileting or outdoor toileting
  3. Pup going to be brought up with some other pups /other adults or individually
  4. General health status, deworming history, ectoparasite load etc..,
  5. Most importantly maternal antibody level in pups blood, subjectively this could be assumed with mother’s immune status, vaccination history, litter size, amount of colostrum given, mother feeding etc.., or quantitatively we could assess maternal antibody level in pup blood using in-house kit.
  6. How long back pup came to your home? Present feeding pattern & pee and poop consistency As a general rule, we could adopt following guidelines for vaccination..

If mother immune status not known and mother feeding is not strong enough means,

6th weekDHPPi
9th weekDHPPi
12th weekDHPPiL+ARV+KC
16th weekDHPPiL+ARV+KC
26th weekDHPPi

If pup is going for shelter environment, endemic area means,

4th weekPuppy DP
7th weekDHPPi+KC
10th weekDHPPil+KC+ARV
13th weekDHPPiL+ARV
16th weekDHPPi
26th weekDHPPi

(Based on WSAVA guidelines…)

Annual boosters would be given during annual wellness examination since there is no 3 year duration vaccinei available in our country at present.

So……still confusing….?…please follow the flow chart…,

In short follow the steps below to get started.

  • Bring puppy to the home
  • Follow the food and feeding pattern given by previous owner or breeder for 5 days
  • Go to small animal clinic
  • Do not let puppy down in the floor or clinic premise
  • Contact and trust the veterinarian