“In the middle of my evening practice, we had a Chippiparai Puppy BAIRA 6 months old owned by Mr. Venkatesh, met with an accident, fractured and twisted legs. Done an radio-graph and essential investigation.

Chippiparai Puppy BAIRA

“Jack – During the critical time of Corona, a frustrated young Pet parents came from southern most part of Tamilnadu for their Pets recurrent skin problem. Jack had been treated for nearly 3 months in their locality. Presented with all secondary skin lesions…

Jack back from Pyoderma

“One late evening caesar the balck labrador only 70 days old pup got inside our hospital with sudden breathing difficulty and no clue from owners..We stabilised him with emergency triage and did fast ultrasound found a hyperechoic area in pylorus ..

Caesar back from choke

“Tom a 7 kg Indian spitzdid turnup our hospital with sudden loss of vision, severe fits for last 24 hrs, pedalling and no sleep or sit for 3 days.. treated for 2 days at other practice …we did a essential blood work due to owner compliance and find…

Tom mission impossible 1 brain bleeding

“Bruce the hyperactive black labrador from virudhunagar went for antirabies vaccine at local hospital and very next day after vaccination he started urinating blood and abdomen skin turning red with no appetite and suddenly went into shock.

Bruce back from IMHA

“From day one of arrival in Virudhunagar from Pune, the Goldie aged 2 yrs had not taken food started vomiting emaciated. After a week of treatment with a hospital they turn up with us in a stage before comatose, offer if and very much apathetic.

Theo, The Fighter from mixed Haemoprotozoan infection

“Milkybar a stray mixed breed 2 months old pup brought to us during weekend closing hours in a unconscious state due to hit by car head injury by karanrajan the ardent pet lover; emergency triage done ; hypovolaemicshock

Milkybar the real gift of Mr.karanrajan

“Roger a 4 months old german shepherd puppy presented to us by a frustrating young parent with lameness and bending of right forelimb treated for 2 months with medication, pop casting etc…we did a detailed ortho examination, sedated ….

Roger Back With A Bang (Carpal HyperExtension)

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